About Bathan AG

We are a Swiss lubricant producer, specialized in ceramic lubricants. Our product portfolio includes greases, oils and additives. Our high-performance lubricants and additives have been developed according to the latest findings and are of highest Swiss quality.  In many industries, our products outperform regular lubricants. E.g. Wind power, Cement, Pellets, Paper, On-Highway and Off-Highway engines as well as industry gears and glass and steel industry.

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Our goal is, to continuously improve our products and services for the benefit of our customers. Due to constant research and development, we are able to offer high-end lubricants, and can broaden our portfolio. We are demand-oriented, and always one step ahead of our competition. We have an eye for details & quality, practicability and the needs of our customers.

Our products

  • lower soot emissions and unburden Diesel Particulate Filter Systems
  • inhibit premature clogging of DPFs
  • reduce oil consumption of combustion engines
  • increase the fuel efficiency of combustion engines
  • improve smooth operation of machines
  • reduce lubrication volumes
  • lower operating temperatures
  • are multi-useable


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