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Wood Pellets

By sven

In 2014, we started our first pelleting project with overwhelming results: 95% lower grease consumption of the pellet mills at lower operating temperatures and improved lifetime of roller bearings. Since then, we expanded significantly: Service teams, wood pellets, animal feed, spare parts and even commissioning of pellet mills.

Now, we are a full-service solution provider to the pelleting industries. With decades of experience, our service engineers help improving operational excellence. This includes lowering downtimes and improving efficiency through an assessment and actionable transition steps towards excellence. We help OEMs with commissioning, and provide service & repairs and spare parts to our customers.

We are happy to discuss improving your performance in person or a call. to get in touch with us write us an email or use the contact form.

Our lubrication solutions help minimize lubrication volumes while mitigating downtimes, lowering the carbon footprint and improving reliability.

Animation on roller adjustment

We share our knowhow with operators.

Switching grease is easy and hassle free.

Six weeks to success:

1 week – We assess the status quo and help preparing the transition.

4 weeks – The improved performance from Bathan grease application is recognized within four weeks.

1 week – Regular feedback, troubleshooting and regular performance discussions round up your success.

Usually, 2-digit TCG reductions are achieved

Disassebled roller in wood pelleting

We showcase our knowledge not only in our day-to-day business at our customer’s sites, but at several conferences and in industrial specific magazines.

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2023 | Carbon Mitigation from a Pellet Plant Perspective

International Bioenergy Shanghai Conference and Expo (IBSCE) 2015

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Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI ) Conference 2016

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Pellet Mill Magazine

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