Swiss Ceramic Lubricants

Category: Industry

Wind Power

By holger

Renowned as the go-to emergency solution for bearings showing signs of damage, the next proactive step is preventive application. Minimized wear not only extends the expected service life but also leads to substantial cost reductions. Upgrade to a proactive approach with our solution for long-lasting, cost-effective bearing performance.

Food & Beverage

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Experience uninterrupted performance with the Bathan food grease sugar puller, ensuring zero unscheduled failures. Achieve a remarkable 96.9% cost reduction. Choose reliability and cost-effectiveness with Bathan.

Heavy Industry

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Elevate your operational reliability with Bathan grease, offering an extraordinary 2,400% longer service life, unlocking additional maintenance capacity. Choose Bathan for extended performance and increased operational efficiency.


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More than 80% lower lubrication costs with significantly better operational reliability

Animal Feed

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Dutch animal feed customer. Clean solution with 25 kg keg. Animal feed producers benefit from a new standard in minimum volume lubrication according to FDA CFR 178.3570. With up to 98% lower grease consumption feed quality improves massively.